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SDK Chemicals Asia Pte Ltd was formed in 2006. It is very active in the local distribution of petrochemical-based solvents in Singapore and the trading of petrochemical solvents, feedstocks and other organic and inorganic chemicals to the Asia-Pacific countries.

Over the years, SDK Chemicals Asia Pte Ltd  has developed a comprehensive and reliable network of supply sources and has secured product supplies from some of the most established petrochemical and chemical multinational manufacturers in Singapore and around the region.

We are currently exporting and distributing more than 35 products to countries extending from the Asia Pacific region to Middle East, all the way upto Africa. The main focus are for raw materials used in the paints and coatings, inks, adhesives, polyurethane, textile auxiliaries, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Our Services

I. Sales and Trading Chemicals

II. Packing / mixing  Chemicals as per Owners needs


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Over 15 Years' experience in international trade, worldwide logistics and sales of petrochemcals


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Mr. Sugata Deb Burman
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